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Andy James is one of the U.K’s rising stars in the world of shred and metal guitar. He is perhaps best known as a regular contributor to “Lick Library”, the benchmark for web-based guitar instruction and a provider of guitar tuition videos, books and cd’s, where James specializes in teaching lead techniques for heavy rock and metal. The list of companies that also recognize his talent includes ESP Guitars, Jim Dunlop, EMG pickups, Gruvgear and Blackstar Amplification.

Aside from this, James has also recorded solo albums In the Machine, In the Wake of Chaos, Kaos 7 EP, 2011 Self Titled and 2013’s Psychic Transfusion co-written with Canadian producer Alan Sacha Laskow, as well as 2 albums with Sacred Mother Tongue. 

Andy James is currently in the band Wearing Scars, runs a successful teaching website and is getting ready to release yet another solo album in 2017 on Urban Yeti records.