Glendale CA,  based metal band Yeghikian has just signed a worldwide deal with Urban Yeti Records. Front man Alexy Yeghikian commented on the signing “It feels great to find a home for our music that really believes in us. We are not trying to fit into a specific mold when it comes to any kind of sub-genre classification of Metal. This band is about having a good time and giving an energetic performance.”

Yeghikian is everything you love about classic hard rock and metal with a modern vibe. Urban Yeti founder Mike Gevorgian commented on the signing “This was a deal that just made sense to me from the beginning. I can ramble on about how talented they are and say the same stuff you normally hear when a label announces a new signing. It’s not always easy working with talented people, egos and outside influence can get in the way. I’ve known Alexy since we were both in high school. We have had a bond before the band came into play so there’s a level of trust that already exists between us. When I met the rest of his band and saw them perform I could tell this was a deal that needed to be made. I couldn’t be happier to have Yeghikian as a part of the family.”
As usual, we’ll let the music take it from here…

Yeghikian is
Alexy Yeghikian – Vocals / Guitar
Omar Gusmao – Guitar
Alex Zablotsky – Bass

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Yeghikian - The World Is Spinning

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