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Call it Doom, call it Stoner, call it whatever you want. It’s metal and it’s awesome! Yeghikian are the Heavy Metal revival of Rock n’ Roll!



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  • Dreadlords Speak with

    Metal Riot sat down with Jack Gannon of Dreadlords recently to talk about all things music, motivation, and outlook. You can read the full interview on the Metal Riot page here: h...

  • Andy James Coming to the US This Fall

    Andy James & Angel Vivaldi will be bringing their European tour over to the States in November! This time they will be supporting Scale The Summit all through the US from coast...

  • Ozzfest Pop Up Shop In Hollywood 9/28

    Ozzfest is right around the corner! If you’re in the Hollywood area this coming Thursday swing by the Palladium on Sunset to take part in this one day only Ozzfest Pop-Up sh...

  • New Video and Tour Dates for Bermuda

    Bermuda is closing out the year strong with a brand new music video for the first track off their new album Nepenthe titled “Gnashing Teeth”. Corey commented on the tra...

  • Yeghikian Pre-orders Are Available

    Los Angeles stoner rock natives Yeghikian has launched their pre-order bundles for “The Greatest Hits“. Although these tracks were at one point self-released by the ban...

  • Andy James & Angel Vivaldi Set For European Tour

    ANDY JAMES and ANGEL VIVALDI have announced their forthcoming ‘Wave of Synergy’ co-headline tour. The 22-date run will see them perform at venues throughout the UK a...


Famous' is my take on the narcissistic and hollow culture that social media has created. Millions of insecure and talentless hacks begging for arbitrary attention through 'likes' and 'shares.' It's no wonder my generation has a huge and worsening mental health problem. But hey, f*** it, post another selfie on the beach and tell everyone how much you care about progressive issues. Are you famous yet?

Stevie James - Fallen Captive